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Walk N' Wag provides caring, professional & insured
Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Transportation and Pet Supply Pick up/Delivery Services.

Pet Sitting
For peace of mind while you are away!
A great alternative to boarding!
Ideal for households with geriatric, young, anxious, and/or multiple pets; also pets with health conditions who can't have certain vaccinations that prevent them from boarding in a kennel facility. Pets get to stay in the comfort of their own environment and bed! Less stress on your pet(s) and your wallet!
Great for small, fuzzy, feathered, finned, and scaly friends as well!

Dog Walking

 For dogs that just needs a good daily walk or a mid-day potty break!
Ideal for the busy or tired pet owner and energetic dogs that need to get some of that excess energy out.
Or for dogs that may need to lose a couple pounds. (Diet is also recommended, please consult your veterinarian).

Pet Transportation & Pet Supply Pick up/Delivery
You forgot that the vet/groomer is closing before you get out of work and need someone to pick up your pet!
You need to go to work early and can't get your pet to the vet/groomer. When you need pet supplies picked up and delivered to your house.

We are a locally owned/operated here in
San Antonio, TX

Walk n' Wag is an Insured Member of
Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.
Member of Pet Sit USA and
Professional United Pet Sitters
  Walk n' Wag utilize Eco-Friendly PoopBags
  For emergency situations we have
Pet Tech Saver app


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